Why buy a luxury chalet?

The mountain chalets are individual houses, with an imposing architecture but which keeps a charm and a unique discretion.

Often built or adorned with wood and stone, their appearance is typically mountainous, blends into nature and is often worthy of a postcard.

The resort offers you a refined holiday: where you can enjoy a very elegant new luxury alpine chalet with meticulous finishes and attention to detail, all in a universe of powdery tones for more softness. 

Many luxury rooms, cinema room, swimming pool, SPA, jacuzzi for cocooning after your ski-cession where everyone can find their happiness. 

If you prefer to read your favorite novel peacefully by the fire, you will almost think you can touch Mont Blanc with your fingertips because of its proximity to Mont-Blanc.

Covered by sloping roofs and a very rustic and natural decoration. The chalets therefore have a unique character that the apartments in the tourist residences cannot match. If their immediate environment wants to blend into the “nature”, for example with a few trees and a breathtaking view, the picture is splendid. This is what makes wooden chalets top-of-the-range products par excellence.

The dynamism of the mountain

France has the largest ski area in Europe in terms of area, 250 resorts are accessible but one of them stands out, the resort of Combloux.

The richness of this resort allows the tourist demand to find everything it wants within the resort.

it wants within the resort.

From simple apartments to luxury chalets, many accommodations are available to tourists to meet all their expectations. 

The idyllic setting of the resort is extremely diverse and attracts a large number of customers. 

Thus, France is the European country that allows skiing at the best price, while attracting a large proportion of wealthy foreign tourists who are driving luxury real estate upwards. 

Sales of properties in the mountains are increasing steadily, and the market is very resistant to decline and less volatile than traditional real estate.

Due to its attractiveness, the price of the alpine chalets (as mentioned above) fluctuates very little, demand is very strong and wealthy buyers are competing for chalets.

In addition to buying a property that allows you to spend unforgettable moments with family or friends, buying a luxury chalet in Combloux is a real investment that concentrates a very high rate of return for buyers. 

If you are sensitive to the architecture mixing traditional and luxury, come and discover the few chalets offering you the opportunity to have a jacuzzi, hammam or swimming in a heated swimming pool at an altitude of more than 1700 meters. 

It is really important do buy a beautiful chalet because it is a real investment where you can earn a lot of money because of the rentability and the demand of these alpine chalets

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